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Spinal Network; The total resource for wheelchairs and SCI SCI Connection Disability Solution Page Foreign Resources on Disabilites (very comprehensive Japanese site) SCI Forum SCI A NARIC Resource Guide from the National Rehabilitation Information Guide for People with SCI from the National Rehabilitation Information Center USA Neurosciences on the Internet html/index
Neurosciences Database
**Paraplegia, SCI, Paralysis. (Italian site)
Links and directories, Massey University, SCI and Conditions. Auckland, New Zealand Spinal Cord from Handitel, a disability related network
YPN Mobility Impairment Links to various SCI and disability sites
FAQ about SCI University of Alabama, Birmingham, AL USA
National SCI Statistical Center (idem)
SCI Notebook - adaptive equipment - autonomic dysreflexia - bowel and bladder management etc.
Healthtouch Info BI, SCI and Stroke
The Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Department of Anesthaesiology. Spinal Cord Trauma
The International Directory of Disability Media
Head, Neck and Back Injuries
Home Health Care. Paralysis and SCI General Information; Patient and Caregiver Info
NASA Gopher Server about SCI gopher:// injury
Neurotrauma Law Center
** Die Fördergemeinschaft der Querschnittgelähmten New Mobility Greatest Hits Pages. Pain and SCI
Spine & Nerve Center at Mass General Hospital/Harvard
Airway Hyperresponsiveness to Methacholine in Subjects With Spinal Cord Injury. Effie Singas, MD; Marvin Lesser, MD; Ann M. Spungen, EdD; William A. Bauman, MD; and Peter L. Almenoff, MD, FCCP Cure Paralysis Now Homepage SCI Research Page SCI research Highlights from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke
SCI Research Center University of Manitoba, Canada
Collaboration on repair disorder from the University of British Columbia, Canada
Spinal Cord Injury Research, Bellevue Hospital New York
Clue to healing Spinal Cord, University of British Columbia, Canada
Spine Surgery Homepage
SCI Forum University of Washington, Seattle USA
Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA Neuro implant Program
Reeve-Irvine Research Center University of California, Irvine Clue to healing Spinal Cord from Neuroscience Network, Canada TBI & SCI Research Projects, San Jose, California, USA Project The Miami Project to cure Paralysis Parastep
International Virtual Symposium. University of MontreaL Ventilator dependent quadriplegic patients


** Association des Paralysés de Suisse ** Associazione H81: ** Coordinamento Para-tetraplegici del Piemonte ** Associazione Italiana Paraplegici: (no home page yet) National Paraplegia Foundation ** Paraplegia - Paralysis, Spinal Cord Injuries. Italian Site ** International Society for Medical Paraplegia, 1997 Meeting T 13 Charities. A Foundation for Spinal Cord Injuries ** Associazione Paraplegici di Lombardia National Spinal Cord Association ** ARDIM asbl Bruxelles, Belgique Association consacrée à la promotion de la recherche sur le traitement deslésions médullaires
** Association des Paralysés de France
** V.Z.W. Piekernie, Belgique
Association des Paraplégiques du Québec
**International Medical Society of Paraplegia ** International Society for Medical Paraplegia, 1997 Meeting
American Paralysis Association
SCI Stroke and Paralysis Support Association
Think First. Canadian SCI support association
Mike Utley Foundation, dedicated to find a cure for SCI
** Spinal Injuries Associations from UK
RVL Score International Robbie Vierra-Lambert Spinal Cord Organization for regaining Excellence
Christopher Reeve Homepage
National SCI Association ( Unofficial)
SCI Hotline (Association supported by Paralyzed Veterans of America)
Spinal Cord Society Homepage Research supporting Association from Minnesota
** Spinal Associations UK
Canadian Paraplegic Association

The Model SCI System, sponsored by the National Institute on disability and Rehabilitation research , with links to the 18 US Model SCI systems. ** The International SCI and Rehabilitation Centre Royal Buckinghamshire Hospital, Bucks U.K. Northwest Regional SCISystem Rehabilitation Learning Center Harborview Medical Center, Seattle WA USA
Craig Hospital, Englewood, Colorado, USA
Michigan Institute for SCI, Ann Arbor, Michigan USA
SCI Center, Bellevue Hospital, New York USA
SCI Burke Rehabilitation Hospital White Plains, NY USA
Spinal Cord Injury Rehab. Shriners Hospitals
Good Sheperd Rehabilitation Hospital, Allentown PA
Virginia Commonwealth University; Medical College of Virginia, Richmond, VA Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Midwest Regional SCI Care System
Centre François-Charon, Montreal, Canada


Jim Lubin's home page
Wise Young, MD 's Home Page Thomas Parker'sHome Page ** Mohammad Farooque Ph.D. Home Page ** Li Gui Lin, Ph.D. Dpt of Neuropathology, Uppsala University, Sweden Greg Wickenburg home page
Breezy's SCI Home page
Dean Joyce Home Page
Claire Hulsebosch's home page (University of Texas Medical School)
Catherine Britell's MD Homepage
Don's SCI Homepage
David Burton's Home Page
John A Beal, Professor . Pain Pathways in the spinal cord
** Richard Coppen's home page

Ventilator users Mailing list Quadriplegic Mailing list Spinal Cord Injury Peer Net (to subscribe send an email to in the body of the message write : subscribe scipin-l your name) Newsgroup of Cure Paralysis Now Discussion group of the American Paralysis Association


Free MEDLINE on the Internet
The Virtual Medical Library ** Traumatismes rachidiens et médullaires. Hôpital Purpan. Toulous.e France 4-Aminopyridine
Bibliography from Michelle Szabo, MD and Gregory Crosby, MD, from Mass General Hospital, Boston Thoracic Aorta Surgery
Electrolyte Abnormalities
Cardiovascular and respiratory Functions
Clinical Considerations
Physiology, General
Localisation dans la moelle épinière des centre nerveux régénérateurs de la locomotion. Airway Hyperresponsiveness to Methacholine in Subjects With Spinal Cord Injury* Effie Singas, MD; Marvin Lesser, MD; Ann M. Spungen, EdD; William A. Bauman, MD; and Peter L. Almenoff, MD, FCCP
Injuries of the Spinal Cord Part I and II general articles from the Handbook of Clinical Neurology
Health Foundation Course (EDIS, technical article)
Bibliography; SCI General Physiology gopher://
Statistics on SCI. Article medicine960124/medicine960124b.html
Altered MP pharmacokinetics may explain equivocal restoration of useful motor functions
Mechanisms of secondary injury to Spinal Cord axons in vitro
Functional restoration of grasp in quadriplegia Technical solutions for modifying the cochlear implant Mini-22 implantable stimulator to a portable FES device for paraplegic standing Don't forget to check our Arrivals!