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68 Bradshaw Drive
Alice Springs N.T. 0870. Australia
21 October 1997
Dear Mr Heiler
Thank you for making an enquiry regarding our novel but first class service. Unfortunately I do not personally speak German, therefore I can only supply you this information in English. I am sincerely sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.
Red Centre Dialysis Services is a proven service available in Central Australia. We offer individualised haemodialysis care for tourists to Central Australia who require such facilities. We are the cheapest dialysis service in Central Australia that is presently available to overseas tourists.
Our aim is to provide haemodialysis to clients in the comfort of their own accommodation. We employ qualified nursing personnel and have access to a Renal Physician (and the backup of the local major hospital if required). We utilise Redy Sorbent regenerative dialysis equipment which is ideal for holiday dialysis purposes.
With regard to arranging haemodialysis, it is necessary to provide recent pathology results as well as haemodialysis prescription, a letter of referral from your Nephrologist, a brief recent medical history and a list of client medications. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required at least three weeks prior to agreed date of treatment. Once a client has arranged accommodation in Alice Springs it is requested that Red Centre Dialysis Services is contacted as soon as possible, so as to facilitate dialysis treatment at that venue. The actual commencement time of treatment (usually afternoons and evenings) is to be agreed upon at time of booking . We endeavour to be as flexible as possible, therefore every effort will be made to accommodate alterations to plans.
The standard price structure for the present moment is as follows:
* per each individualised treatment, with the continual attendance of a fully qualified registered nurse = AUS $350
(Prices may vary in the future)
I am unaware of the exact prices charged by every hospital in Australia, however I am aware that the government run dialysis unit in Alice Springs charges at least AUS $450 per treatment.
If clients so wish, they may supply their own dialysers, otherwise we utilise a Cobe HG series dialyser. The only supplies the client must provide are their own medications (including EPO), accompanying equipment (ie; syringes, needles, etc) and if they are diabetic they must supply their own blood-sugar monitoring equipment. They may also bring haemastasis devices (eg; “tipstops”) if they so wish. We will make every effort to accept most clients. However, unfortunately we are unable to offer treatment to people who have a central line or external shunt for an access, nor anyone who has an infected open wound. We reserve the right to selectively offer treatment.
Please feel free to make further enquiries, by either Emailing:
or mailing our address 68 Bradshaw Drive Alice Springs NT Australia 0870
or by phoning on +61-8-89 555 709.
We will endeavour to respond as quickly and comprehensively as possible.
If you can provide us with a mailing address for yourself, it will enable us to send you further information and brochures on the exciting and varied tourist attractions of Central Australia.
With regard to other holiday dialysis units in Australia you can contact Gambro Australia on
Phone: +61 2 9680 2711
Fax: +61 2 9634 1375
Mail: P.O. Box 6604 BHBC, Baulkham Hills, NSW, Australia, 2153
- where they have a register of dialysis units around Australia. They do not make bookings, you have to do so directly with each unit.
You can also try the Renalnet Worldwide Dialysis Directory at -
or contact a renal journal in the USA known as “Dialysis and Transplantation”, as they also have a worldwide directory known as the “List”.
The Nephrologist associated with Red Centre Dialysis Services is Dr Meshach Kirubakaran.
The Outback of Central Australia is an experience everyone should have access to!!!
Yours sincerely,
Andrew Smart RN, RRN, BN
Clinical Director

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Datum: 21.10.97 11:58:12 MEZ
From: (Andrew Smart)